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McSally shows fundraising strength in CD2

$In Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District, Republican challenger Martha McSally bested incumbent U.S. Rep. Ron Barber, a Democrat, for the second consecutive reporting cycle, proving her impressive fundraising total posted in October was no fluke.

McSally raised $322,585, mostly from individual contributions. Roughly $44,000 was raised from contributions by political committees. That was enough to outpace Barber, who reported raising $252,732 in the last quarter of 2013. Barber’s fundraiser numbers included a healthy percentage of contributions from political committees, which helped the congressman net $135,200.

The GOP primary battle in the district isn’t expected to be much of a fight, as most politicos assume McSally will cruise to a victory and another challenge of Barber’s seat in Congress. That assumption is supported by the weak fundraising ability of McSally’s opponents. GOP hopeful Shelley Kais raised just $15,701, including a $1,107 personal loan to her campaign.

While another GOP candidate, former Tucson talk-radio host Ed Martin, dropped out of the race in January, Air Force veteran Chuck Wooten is just entering the contest, so no financial reports were available.

That leaves what is expected to be bruising general election between Barber and McSally. Despite McSally’s recent fundraising strength, Barber still boasts a much larger campaign war chest than the retired Air Force pilot. Barber has $939,229 in cash on hand, while McSally reported $547,974.

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