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Party bike bill goes to governor

Peddle CrawlerGov. Jan Brewer will have to decide if a three-wheel motorcycle should require a motorcycle license to operate, and whether party-goers can continue to drink and peddle on “party bikes.”

Originally, SB1201 would have exempted the driver of an autocycle (defined as a three-wheel motorcycle with a completely enclosed seating area equipped with a roll cage, safety belts and antilock brakes) from needing a motorcycle license.

But Republican Rep. Karen Fann of Prescott successfully offered a floor amendment to the bill that would define a “motorized quadricycle” in law.

Fann told lawmakers to Google peddlecrawler, which is essentially an eight-seat, four-wheel mobile bike bar, to get an idea of what a motorized quadricycle looks like.

The quadricycles operate in Scottsdale, Tucson and other places.

Democratic Rep. Eric Meyer of Paradise Valley opposed the amendment and was the lone vote against the bill because it defines quadricycles as limousines, which would allow passengers — but not the driver of the vehicle — to drink.

“You can drink while peddling these things around town,” Meyer said, noting that the passengers are also drinking in public.

But his fellow Democrats didn’t back him up. Democratic Rep. Stephanie Mach of Tucson stood to support the amendment, noting that there is a quadricycle business in her district. Democratic Rep. Lisa Otondo, who supported the bill, said the party bikes are fun.

The bill was approved by both the House and Senate, and now awaits Brewer’s signature or veto.

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