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Brewer issues five more vetoes, including death penalty bill


Calling it a serious threat to the state’s death penalty, Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed legislation this afternoon that would have allowed more criminals to be executed.

HB 2313 would have added more factors to the list of what jurors could use in deciding whether someone convicted of a capital crime should be sentenced to life behind bars or executed. That included not only an expanded list of prior offenses but also put jurors in the position of determining if that person might commit future criminal acts.

Other bills nixed by Brewer less than 24 hours after the legislative session ended include:

– Allowing rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft to accept paying passengers without complying with some of the same regulations that govern taxi firms;

– Limiting the ability of the state Board of Education to set academic standards;

– Preventing police from taking someone’s weapon while they were chatting with that person.

And the governor vetoed legislation creating a state agency cost accounting study committee, saying lawmakers are free to study what they want without enacting a new law.

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