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Capitol Quotes: April 25, 2014

“This organization was sick and was not healthy and needed to be completely overhauled.” — Charles Flanagan, director of the Department of Child Safety and Family Services, on the results of an investigation into problems at Child Protective Services.

“I encourage everyone in Arizona to call this state senator and voice your objections to these Harry Reid-like tactics.” — Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, complaining that Arizona Senate President Andy Biggs stood in the way of a measure encouraging a federal constitutional convention.

“We launch before dawn and get up to altitude, essentially floating on top of the earth’s atmosphere, and watch the sun rise from space, then meander over the terrain for a couple of hours and come back mid that day.” — Taber MacCallum, head of a Tucson firm behind a bill to help launch Arizonans 20 miles toward the edge of space in a balloon.

“There’s only one group of people that’s going to benefit from the increased campaign contribution limits, and that’s the media.” — Democratic Rep. Victoria Steele, voting against HB2665, which makes technical fixes to last year’s bill increasing the campaign contribution limits for privately funded candidates like herself.

“There’s some good news and some bad news. Which would you like first?” — Senate President Andy Biggs during the final hours of the legislative session, as lawmakers were racing in starts and stops toward sine die.

“Speaking of bad news, Senator Shooter!” — Biggs, calling on Republican Sen. Don Shooter to speak shortly before adjournment.

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