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Jan Brewer signs bill letting AZ optometrists prescribe

optometrist-620PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill that would allow optometrists to prescribe certain drugs.

Opponents of House Bill 2380 say it is dangerous because non-physicians should not be able to prescribe drugs. They say the bill puts patients at risk because optometrists don’t have the training to properly monitor for adverse reactions.

Supporters say optometrists are skilled medical professionals who need the authority to treat their patients.

The bill was the final one passed by the state Legislature this year with the House approving it last week before the Legislature adjourned.

In total, brewer signed 35 bills today and vetoed five. The action leaves only two bills left on her desk: SB1282 (racing omnibus) and SB1179 (constables; prohibited acts).

Brewer also gave her approval to a measure that would make it a class 1 misdemeanor to point a laser at an aircraft. HB2164 would make also classify pointing a laser at an aircraft as assault if it renders the pilot unable to safely operate the aircraft or causes serious physical injury to any person on board the aircraft.

Another measure signed into law today would allow optometrists to prescribe potentially dangerous medications such as oral steroids and hydrocodone. HB2380 was a sleeper controversy for the legislative session, and several Republicans in both the House and Senate made an unsuccessful last-minute push to keep the bill from coming to the floor, calling the new prescriptive powers a public safety hazard.

Another measure that Brewer gave her final approval to would provide regulations on trampoline courts. H2179 was introduced in response to the death of Ty Thomasson, who died two years ago after jumping off a trampoline into a foam pit at Skypark Indoor Trampoline Park in Phoenix. The bill requires trampoline courts to register with the state, have an annual inspection, procure insurance of at least $1 million for bodily injury, and maintain specified records.

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