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Another Horne staffer resigns

IA staffer at the Attorney General’s Office who has been volunteering on Tom Horne’s reelection campaign resigned today, according a spokeswoman.

Garrett Archer served as a policy analyst at the Attorney General’s Office who handled website and other data-related issues for Horne’s campaign, according to a former employee who alleged that Horne is running his reelection campaign from his office and that taxpayer-funded staffers routinely do campaign work during the work day.

Horne spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said Archer’s resignation had nothing to do with the allegations by former Attorney General’s Office employee Sarah Beattie. Grisham said his departure has been in the works for about six weeks and that he is leaving the office to pursue independent consulting jobs. She also said Archer and his wife are expecting their first child soon and need more flexibility to work from home.

Grisham said Beattie has already reached out to Archer, but he has no intention of responding to her. She said Archer does not want to speak to the press and did not return a call from the Arizona Capitol Times.

In a complaint filed with the Secretary of State’s Office and Citizens Clean Elections Commission, Beattie alleged that she and most members of Horne’s executive office staff work on his campaign during taxpayer time. She said Horne has no paid campaign staff and is running his reelection entirely using Attorney General’s Office staff, including Archer. Beattie also submitted a complaint to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

Horne has denied that employees do campaign work on taxpayer time. But he said that Attorney General’s Office employees are free to volunteer on his campaign if they want, and that there is no day on their job.

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