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Hallman outraises competitors in Treasurer’s race

IIn the race to become Arizona’s next state treasurer, one Republican candidate has already run his political committee into debt, while another is spending his money nearly as fast as it is arriving.

Former Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman has far outraised his two Republican challengers in the race, former Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen and businessman Jeff DeWit. The Republican primary will likely decide the election as the only Democrat in the race is a write-in candidate.

In the campaign finance reporting period that began Jan. 1 and ended May 31, Hallman raised nearly $142,000, including $50,000 that he loaned himself. Hallman has spent more than $163,000 so far throughout the entire campaign, and has $136,000 cash on hand.

For the same reporting period, DeWit raised more than $95,000, and spent $93,000. He has less than $6,000 on hand in his primary election account, with another $4,000 that is designated for the general election, should he win the primary.

Pullen actually spent more than he collected for this reporting period, and his campaign is in debt. Pullen raised $49,000 and spent $51,000 during the most recent campaign finance reporting period. Overall, his campaign has raised $56,000 and spent $52,000. But Pullen also has outstanding debt of $8,000, creating a net negative of $4,000 to his campaign.

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