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McCain now says Arizona execution ‘not humane’

Like most Republican lawmakers from the state, Arizona Sen. John McCain was dubious of the Iranian government’s promise to abide by the deal, and called it “highly unlikely” that Iran will have lessened its “support of terrorism” while the pact is in place. (Cronkite News Service photo by Brandon Brown)

Sen. John McCain (Cronkite News Service photo by Brandon Brown)

Sen. John McCain is no longer using the word “torture” to describe an Arizona execution in which the condemned man gasped and snorted for more than 90 minutes.

The Arizona Republican had described the prolonged execution of Joseph Wood by injection as torture during an interview Thursday with Politico.

But McCain is backing off that characterization, telling the Arizona Republic on Monday that he doesn’t know if it was torture.

He says he’d rather say “that it’s not humane” and he thinks most people would agree with that.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has ordered state officials to review the execution process.

Wood was convicted of muder in the killings of a former girlfriend and her father, Debbie and Gene Dietz, in 1989 at the father’s Tucson auto repair shop.

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