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Campaign for new medical center raises $910,000


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Construction firms and groups closely associated with the county’s public hospital contributed nearly 80 percent of the $910,000 raised for a campaign to convince voters to approve financing for a new medical center and revamped health system.

A press release touting the success of the fundraising said a wide coalition of business leaders, philanthropists, politicians, public safety and medical professionals are backing the Yes on 480 campaign by contributing the money.

Construction companies and other companies related to the construction industry contributed $362,200, according to campaign finance reports made public today.

The Maricopa Integrated Health System board of directors in May gave approval to put the $935 million proposal, Proposition 480, on the ballot. The project is estimated to cost roughly $1.4 billion with interest.

The 30-year finance plan, which will go before voters on Nov. 4, would pay for rebuilding the 42-year-old Maricopa Medical Center at 26th and Roosevelt streets. The project would also upgrade and expand 11 neighborhood clinics, consolidate two mental health centers to expand capacity, increase services for seriously mentally ill residents, and build new specialty care clinics in the East Valley and Northwest Valley.

District Medical Group, which provides the doctors for Maricopa Medical Center, made a $160,000 contribution, while many of its employees and doctors made individual contributions totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

Juanita Francis, the Yes on 480 chair, contributed $35,000, while the Maricopa Health Foundation, a non-profit that raises money for the Maricopa Integrated Health System, the organization that runs the county health system, contributed $200,000.

The proposal has received criticism from anti-tax groups Arizona Tax Research Association, and the Goldwater Institute, who question the need for a public hospital and health system in the age of the Affordable Care Act.


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