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Voting today? Here’s what you need to know


Polls open at 6 a.m. and remain open until 7 p.m.  If you’re in line at that hour, you’ll get in.

Ballots are available to those registered in the Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and Americans Elect parties. Those whose registration shows no party designation or in a party not recognized by the state can request a ballot for any of these four.

The most recent voter counts showed about 1.12 million registered Republicans, close to 945,000 Democrats – and 1.15 million independents and others. There also are nearly 27,000 Libertarians and just a hair under 400 listed as members of the Americans Elect Party.

Under Arizona law, you need identification before casting a ballot.

The easiest to provide is an Arizona’s driver’s license or non-operating ID which has your name, address and photo.

Also acceptable are two forms of identification without pictures as long as both have your name and address. Bank statements and utility bills can be used.

And one non-photo document can be used if there is something else with a picture, like a passport.

None of that is necessary if you got an early ballot and, for whatever reason, never dropped it in the mail.

It’s obviously too late to do that now, as election officials will tabulate only what is in their hands by 7 p.m. And, no, postmarks don’t count.

But the law allows voters to drop off those early ballots at any polling station in your home county – not just where you’re supposed to vote – with a separate box for these ballots and no ID requirement.

The Secretary of State’s Office is predicting about a 25 percent turnout based on historical figures from other primaries in non-presidential election years. With 3.2 million registered voters, that would translate to about 800,000 people casting ballots in one of the four primaries.

Republicans have several statewide races from which to select a candidate, starting with the six-way battle for governor, three candidates for secretary of state, a two-way race for attorney general and four hoping to claim the GOP nod for the two open seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Both major parties have races for the superintendent of public instruction.

Aside from some high-profile congressional races, all 90 seats of the Legislature are technically up for grabs. But a few races already have been decided. Democrat incumbent Steve Farley of Tucson is the only candidate for his Senate seat, as is Republican Steve Pierce of Prescott and Republican Gail Griffin of Hereford.

Beginning about 8 p.m. results will be posted by the Secretary of State and will be updated live on the Arizona Capitol Times Election 2014 page.

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