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Senate set to debate guns in public buildings proposal

guns bullets620The Arizona Senate is set to debate legislation that would allow residents with concealed carry permits to bring their guns into government buildings.

House Bill 2320 by Republican Rep. Brenda Barton of Payson requires public places such as libraries to allow permit-holders to carry firearms unless they put in place airport-style security screening.

Opponents say Barton’s bill would cost cities and towns millions in security upgrades. Proponents say permit holders have a right to self-defense and signs banning guns don’t stop criminals from carrying their firearms.

Former Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed similar legislation three times in four years. In 2014, Brewer cited concerns about the fiscal impact on state and local governments. She called the bill “an unnecessary diversion of limited resources.”

The Senate has scheduled debate for Monday afternoon.

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  1. Instead of giving those packing heat access to more public spaces, perhaps a good alternative bill would be one requiring everyone carrying a weapon to have it conspicuous rather than hidden. I think the public deserves the right to know who the crazies are amongst them.

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