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Texting-while-driving ban again on Legislature’s agenda


A new proposal that would ban texting while driving has emerged in the Arizona Senate. This time, the yearly effort may have a chance with the departure of former Senate President Andy Biggs and a new Republican champion.

Biggs blocked texting bans for years, wielding his power as president to also sideline other distracted-driving proposals like requiring the use of hands-free devices.

Democratic Sen. Steve Farley has proposed texting bans in each of the past four years, and he plans several efforts this year.

Republican Sen. John Kavanagh introduced this year’s first texting ban bill. He said Wednesday that he’s always considered texting while driving “just crazy.”

Kavanagh’s Senate Bill 1049 carries a $100 fine for the first offense and $10,000 if a texting driver causes a fatal accident.

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  1. I don’t know how they will ever enforce it. I see no real police presence to speak of on either the freeways or the residential streets. “Catching” someone will prove difficult. It seems like the “reckless” driving statute should be enough to stop someone who’s displaying distracted driving.

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