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Maricopa County’s recorder apologizes for his online tirade

Adrian Fontes

Adrian Fontes

Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes has apologized about his inflammatory online comments to a candidate for the Arizona Legislature who had criticized the design of election ballots.

In a five-minute video on his Facebook page on Wednesday, Fontes said he was sorry for his “inappropriate and rude comments” to State House District 13 candidate Nathan Schneider and apologized to all county voters and residents and the elections department.

Schneider posted on Facebook on Sunday that he couldn’t easily find the Nov. 7 election date on the ballot and related materials.

Fontes told Schneider, a fellow Democrat, to “go F- yourself” in the Facebook comments and promised to defend his staff’s work.

Fontes was elected to the job last year and promised better representation and communication with voters.

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