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Tasked with advancing and defending the interests of municipalities at the state Capitol, the League of Arizona Cities and Towns can never rest. The League’s work is critical in two areas – shared revenues and transportation funding via the Highway User Revenue Fund, roughly a third of which is shared with cities. HURF is a perennial target of legislative raids, diverting monies to fund the operations of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Last year, for example, lawmakers swept $96.4 million from the highway fund, although they restored $30 million to HURF, providing some respite to wary local officials. For FY2018, legislators also approved a one-time appropriation of $30 million from the Highway Expansion and Extension Loan Program Fund for local highway construction, and the same amount for FY2019. But absent a more permanent way to raise money to fund DPS operations, preserving municipal road dollars is battle the League will have to fight every year. Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny, who is also the League’s president, said shared revenues and transportation monies are important not just to a a growing Valley, but also to rural areas, which depend on them and which “really feel the hit when those dollars are cut.”  Tibshraeny said this is also where the cities’ unified voice, through the League, is crucial. “There is strength numbers,” he said.

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