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News Notes: Adams not pleased

House Speaker Kirk Adams said Governor Brewer “absolutely” broke the budget deal she had agreed to by vetoing the trailer bills. He said the deal was that he and Senate President Bob Burns would do everything possible to round up the 31 and 16 needed for the tax referral, but that she was responsible for filling in the gaps if the votes couldn’t all be wrangled by leadership.

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Not the endorsements she was looking for

If Gov. Jan Brewer is looking for support for a 2010 run, Rep. Nancy Barto might not be the best person to turn to for support. At a legislative wrap-up breakfast today sponsored by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, emcee Chip Scutari asked a panel of Barto, Rep. Chad Campbell and Rep. John Kavanagh whom they thought would be governor in January 2011.

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News Notes: Meetings

After lunch, Brewer went to Adams’ office for more discussions. Burns joined them for a short time. As he left, he let it be known that his preference at this point is to transmit the June 4 budget without the trailers and let her deal with it.

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News Notes: Dominoes

The snafu in the Senate had repercussions in the House where its Approps Committee was scheduled to hear the tax related measures: two related to the referral of the sales tax increase and one dealing with the flat-rate income tax.

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News Notes: Budget

According to one insider, the three-party budget negotiations are going decidedly the Legislature’s way. In most of the specific items that have been discussed, our source said, the negotiated numbers look much closer to the Adams-Burns budget than to her proposal.

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News Notes: Budgeteering

Capitol chatter continues to be that a budget deal is “close,” though none of the principals are talking about which issues have been agreed to and what compromises have been made. Speaker Kirk Adams, R-19, was circumspect with our reporter ...

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News Notes: Strategizing

Brewer told the press June 16 that the Legislature is essentially trying to “trick” her by waiting until the end of the fiscal year and trying to force her to either sign an unacceptable budget or force a government shutdown.

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