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Policy in the budget — by the bills

As amended, the bill allows AHCCCS to adopt rules necessary to implement a program given available funds, providing the agency the ability to make changes to its services, eligibility and rates. Also, the bill contains an intent clause for certain transplant services that were eliminated last year to be funded, and a “notwithstanding” language that the Governor’s Office says gives the agency broad leeway to restore the services.

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Payback, policy changes included in budget bills

Lawmakers this year said they strove to keep non-budget policy changes out of the budget package and, while many that were originally considered were removed, they couldn’t completely insulate the final compromise from policies whose ties to the budget are tenuous, at best.

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A balanced budget… for now: Threat of lawsuits could undo spending cuts

Fiscally conservative Republicans won the argument when the governor agreed to forego borrowing and other budget gimmicks to help shore up the state’s sagging revenues, and the budget-slashing proposal was also a vindication for legislators who saw themselves as lone voices in the wilderness, warning for many years that politicians’ appetite for spending would one day come back to haunt them.

But a bigger, perhaps more critical fight looms.

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