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The joys and perils of a government-sponsored road trip

In a 3,600-word article, the Capitol Times this morning reported on the unusually high use by House staffers and legislators of state cars, which they have rented at the House’s expense. Strict rules govern the use of state fleet vehicles, which state employees and officials can rent for official purposes.

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Let freedom ring (access required)

News broke this morning that Ducey has appointed Clint Bolick, the Goldwater Institute’s lead litigator, to the Arizona Supreme Court. The appointment wasn’t surprising, given the chorus of support that Bolick received from prominent members of the political community. To ...

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Empty your wallets and welcome to hell week (access required)

By our tally, there are 27 fundraisers in this year’s “Hell Week,” as legislators scramble to refill their campaign coffers before the session begins and they are prohibited from accepting contributions from lobbyists. (By way of comparison, there were 34 ...

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I hope you saved that cowboy hat (access required)

The big question, of course, is whether Tobin will also run for the Corp Comm now that he’s joining the regulatory agency. Prior to his appointment, speculation ran rampant about who and what kind of appointee should the governor send ...

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Hello, it’s me again (access required)

Tobin has already solidified his reputation as Ducey’s go-to guy for running agencies. Now he can add one more title to his fast-growing list of government positions: energy regulator. To read more on this item plus all the stories in ...

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Kern’s Merry Christmas gift to GOTV groups (access required)

Kern is reviving the “ballot harvesting” ban with his pre-filed H2010 (collection; voted early ballots; limitation), which seeks to outlaw the practice of “ballot harvesting.” The practice was pioneered by Latino get-out-the-vote groups that are seeking to engage low-efficacy voters ...

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