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Cautious Ducey

Ducey is taking a cautious approach to legislative proposals to restore KidsCare, the federally-funded children’s health insurance program. Though the proposals come at no cost to the state and include provisions that would allow Arizona to pull the plug if federal funding decreased, Ducey is wary.

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Driggs is out, Brophy McGee is in

Driggs is out of the LD28 Senate race and Brophy McGee is in, dramatically changing the dynamic of what was expected to be a winnable seat for Meyer and the Dems. Coordinated announcements of support soon followed from Biggs and Ducey, both of whom endorsed Brophy McGee’s run for the Senate, as did an announcement from Brophy McGee’s campaign.

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Miles ahead of the competition (access required)

Flanked by a handful of law enforcement officers from the Arizona Police Assn at Wesley Bolin Plaza, Gowan today received the group’s endorsement of his bid in CD1. The presser, however, was sparsely attended: Our reporter was the only attendee, ...

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The Noble ties that bind (access required)

Consultant Sean Noble is widely presumed to be the man behind the curtain for the deluge of dark money spending that backed Ducey in 2014, and the 2014 tax filing from American Encore, his 501(c)(4) nonprofit, goes a long way ...

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Translation: A lawsuit is coming

After his earlier pleas fell on deaf ears, Burns today issued a demand to APS: Turn over your books. Citing his authority under ARS 40-241 to inspect the records of public service corporations, Burns told APS to make its accounts, books, papers and other documents, and the individuals who can answer the questions about those records, available for an inquiry that he is launching.

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