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Hillary country?

As Trump’s poll numbers slide, one question has come roaring back into the spotlight: Could Arizona vote for a Democrat 20 years after Bill Clinton won the state?

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Donald Trump’s women problem (access required)

As Fivethirtyeight’s Nate Silver noted yesterday, a wide chasm exists between men and women voters’ support for Trump and Clinton (LINK), while many expect Trump’s remarks in the 2005 video to only drive more women to the Democratic nominee. There ...

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Really, Jeff, Rap Music? (access required)

Republican defenses of Trump’s lewd comments have generally all hit on three points. First, they note that his comments were made more than a decade ago. Second, they minimize the remarks by characterizing them as mere “locker room talk.” Third, ...

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Godwin’s law. Period. (access required)

Dalessandro recently told her Facbook followers that she had something to “CONFESS.” At an interview with the Arizona Daily Star editorial board in September, Dalessandro called GOP leadership at the Capitol “Nazis.” Her confession (LINK), however, wasn’t so much an ...

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Self-immolation, DOR style?

Are the wheels coming off of the Dept of Revenue? Georganna Meyer, the agency’s former chief economist who is now a senior economist at the Maguire Company, said historically, DOR would have about 30 corporate auditors monitoring between 50,000 and 60,000 companies.

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