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No money, no revolution (access required)

The Open and Honest Coalition, which is spearheading twin efforts to require dark money disclosure and create a nonpartisan top-two primary system, dropped a bombshell today by announcing that it is suspending its paid signature-gathering efforts. To read more on ...

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Let’s play a game called spot the CD1 candidates

Begay has jumped into the CD1 race, ending months of speculation that first gained traction following his decision to switch parties in November of last year. In a statement today, Begay said he wants to continue “being a voice, that’s finally heard, advocating for our resilient, hard-working communities.”

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Endorse me, endorse me not (access required)

Rumors have been swirling for a week that Begay is going to run in CD1, and the speculation hit fever pitch last night, when sources reached out to several of our reporters to say that he is pulling the trigger ...

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Expect no waltz for Biggs in CD5 (access required)

A politically active source in the East Valley assured our reporter yesterday that, despite a number of potential candidates already turning down the opportunity to run in CD5, Biggs will have a primary challenge. “Biggs is not just going to ...

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