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The McCain conundrum (access required)

While some pundits have argued that McCain is the least likely among vulnerable Republican US senators to get dragged down by a Trump candidacy, the US senator himself is worried. To read more on this item plus all the stories ...

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No place like . . . CD5 (access required)

Christine Jones finally took her long-awaited plunge into CD5 this morning. Jones acknowledged that she considered several races in the past year or so. “[But] this particular one resonated with me . . . To read more on this item ...

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A yuge loss for Trump (access required)

Eight relatively uneventful hours gave way to bedlam at the state convention as the Trump campaign cried foul over the conduct of the election for Arizona’s at-large delegates. To read more on this item plus all the stories in the ...

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Us versus them

In an email on Friday, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce asked members to weigh in on whether it should oppose and work to defeat three proposed ballot measures that it deems harmful to Arizona’s business community. To read more on ...

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