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The House of transparency (access required)

Republicans held their first “closed caucus” today, a move that was made possible by their changes to House rules earlier this year. Lawmakers in 1982 exempted themselves from the public meeting law with a bill declaring that either chamber may adopt ...

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Dissecting the inflation triggers (access required)

The deal to settle the K-12 inflation lawsuit gives legislators flexibility to manage the funding for schools during steep economic downturns or when the economy isn’t producing as much revenues. To read more on this item plus all the stories ...

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Leave it to me

Clean Elections Commission Executive Director Tom Collins is proposing some minor revisions to the commission’s contentious rule change that would clarify the statutory definition of “political committee,” which is expected to go up for a final vote at the Oct. 29 commission meeting.

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Ducey ‘confident’ about special session

The governor today expressed optimism that he and legislative leadership would agree on the parameters of a special session, though he was tight-lipped about exactly what he expected to be part of the special session call and what has been holding up the negotiations.

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So, did he write it during lunch break?

It seems that the email from former Senate President Russell Pearce on education funding and policy was not an isolated occurrence, and the conservative firebrand has been using his Maricopa County government email address regularly to advocate for policy changes.

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Pearce uses county email to lobby against K-12 funding

Former Senate President Russell Pearce is lobbying lawmakers to deny additional education funding, and is doing so from his post as manager of the technical services division at the Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office. Using his official county account, Pearce yesterday sent an email at 5:17 pm to lawmakers with the subject line “education opportunities,” warning them that they don’t have enough money to satisfy the “educrats” and urging them to demand that any new education funding proposal include accountability measures.

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