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Is the other shoe about to drop? (access required)

As previously noted, Brnovich’s decision to seek Bitter Smith’s ouster from the commission stemmed from a complaint that attorney Tom Ryan filed against the commissioner. But what’s not included in Brnovich’s Nov. 30 petition to the court is a key ...

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Brno: Bitter Smith clearly conflicted out of office

Brnovich is asking the Supreme Court to remove Commissioner Bitter Smith from office, arguing she is ineligible to hold it due to her affiliations with entities that are regulated, either directly or indirectly, by the Corp Comm. Brnovich said his office believes the case against Bitter Smith is “straightforward” and the facts aren’t in dispute.

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Tea Partiers set out to embarrass John McCain again

Tea party activists are hoping to once more embarrass McCain at the Arizona Republican Party’s annual meeting in January. This time around, former Maricopa County GOP chairman AJ LaFaro is pushing a resolution saying the Republican Party’s state committeemen will “endorse anyone but Senator John McCain” in next year’s US Senate primary.

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Begay: GOP gets things done, unlike Dems (access required)

Begay is a Democrat no more, though his former Democratic colleagues would say he never was one to begin with. He announced Monday morning his switch to the Republican Party, a move he characterized as an extension of his independent ...

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