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Hope for the best, prepare for the worst (access required)

The Board of Education appears ready to hire tomorrow its new executive director, who could become a new litigant in the power struggle between Douglas and the board. The board posted an agenda naming Karol Schmidt, the director of academic ...

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The campaign trail awaits (access required)

It’s over, but not really. Lawmakers wrapped up the special session at 12:24 pm after the Senate sent two bills to Ducey and a referral containing the proposed amendments to the state land trust to the secretary of state, and ...

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All or nothing (access required)

The language of the proposed settlement of the K-12 inflation lawsuit was made available yesterday evening when the legislation was introduced, and as previously reported, it increases the base level funding by $173 per student in FY16 and allocates $50 ...

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The House of transparency (access required)

Republicans held their first “closed caucus” today, a move that was made possible by their changes to House rules earlier this year. Lawmakers in 1982 exempted themselves from the public meeting law with a bill declaring that either chamber may adopt ...

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Dissecting the inflation triggers (access required)

The deal to settle the K-12 inflation lawsuit gives legislators flexibility to manage the funding for schools during steep economic downturns or when the economy isn’t producing as much revenues. To read more on this item plus all the stories ...

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Leave it to me

Clean Elections Commission Executive Director Tom Collins is proposing some minor revisions to the commission’s contentious rule change that would clarify the statutory definition of “political committee,” which is expected to go up for a final vote at the Oct. 29 commission meeting.

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