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But, Frank, can you do this?

When Frank Riggs aspired to become governor in 2014, many observers questioned why he did not instead run for superintendent of public instruction, given his education-centric campaign and anti-Common Core yard signs.

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The campaign never ends (access required)

Ducey is heading into his re-election campaign with more than a half million dollars on hand. According to the governor’s latest campaign finance report, Ducey has $561,000 in the bank after raising $343,000 in November and December. To read more ...

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These goals are not mutually exclusive (access required)

Some at the Capitol are wondering if Ducey’s pivot (if it was a pivot) toward compassionate conservatism or pragmatism is rooted in his re-election campaign. To read more on this item plus all the stories in the Jan. 11 Yellow Sheet ...

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Is that Bernie Sanders or Jack Kemp? (access required)

In his state of the state address, Ducey embraced what struck many as a moderate or even Democratic-sounding tone, calling for a plethora of new spending, especially on K-12 education and suggesting free education for young folks who want a ...

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Monday’s coming, whether you like it or not (access required)

Speaking at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Forecast Luncheon today, Ducey didn’t hint much about his agenda this year. But he made clear that K-12 education, economic development and caring for vulnerable citizens will be his top priorities. To ...

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