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AZ Senate OKs longer tax break for solar (access required)

Supporters of an effort to help Arizona utilities pay for renewable energy have won a key vote in the Legislature. The Senate on June 23 approved a bill to extend a property tax break for generating plants using solar, wind and other ...

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McCain wants to offer $300M for new auto battery (access required)

John McCain hopes to solve the country's energy crisis with cold hard cash. The presumed Republican nominee is proposing a $300 million government prize to whoever can develop an automobile battery that far surpasses existing technology. The bounty would equate ...

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Validity of AZ budget shortfall figure questioned (access required)

The latest calculations by the Legislature's own budget staff point to a significantly larger revenue shortfall than the $1.9 billion figure being used by legislative leaders in their closed-door negotiations. That has some rank-and-file lawmakers grumbling that their leaders are ...

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Governor signs CPS bills (access required)

The final four bills in a package of reforms aimed at making the state's Child Protective Services more transparent were signed into law June 24. The four bills signed by Gov. Janet Napolitano, along with three others signed into law ...

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2008 session sixth-longest and counting (access required)

This year's legislative session will be at least the sixth-longest in state history by the time lawmakers hammer out a budget deal to address a massive deficit and wrap up the remainder of their official work for the year. Today, ...

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House GOP leaders unveil budget (access required)

Just a week before their deadline, House Republican leaders announced they will unveil a budget later today that will bridge a $1.9 billion deficit, though they conceded the proposal has not been agreed to by Democrats or Gov. Janet Napolitano. ...

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