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Guest-worker bill goes to back burner (access required)

There is still no definite schedule for Arizona's guest-worker bill to be brought to the floor for debate, one week after it was scurried off the Legislature's agenda as it came under attack from Republican senators. Senate Minority Leader Marsha Arzberger, the ...

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AZ Senate: No NAFTA superhighway (access required)

Arizona's senators are balking at the idea of a "North American Union" with Canada and Mexico and are also asking the nation's leaders in Washington, D.C. not to construct a superhighway system to simplify trade between countries that have signed ...

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AZ political leaders concerned with youth voters (access required)

Concern over low turnout among young Arizona voters in past years has some political leaders worrying about a potentially lackluster showing in November's presidential election. Youths make up an estimated 20 percent of the voting bloc in Arizona. Experts say ...

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Arizona quarter to be struck in June (access required)

Gov. Janet Napolitano and members of the Arizona Quarter Commission will ceremonially strike Arizona commemorative quarters as the United States Mint at Denver hosts Arizona Quarter Day on May 16.  The official launch of the Arizona quarter will be held in ...

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