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It (access required)

Conservatives at the state Legislature and the state’s largest business organization, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, believe that in the face of a nearly $1 billion deficit this year, Arizona should permanently eliminate a $250 million revenue stream ...

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Harnessing brain power (access required)

Companies have a vested interest in developing well-educated graduates, as they are the ones hiring for post-high school and college jobs. The State Board of Education recently approved a measure to increase the high school graduation requirements to four years ...

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Why conservatives nominated John McCain (access required)

Much has been said about the conservative wing of the Republican Party and John McCain. One need not pace too many steps back to gain a clear view. Reagan is our standard. He was for a strong defense, lower federal ...

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Give AZ independents a voice in primaries (access required)

The 2008 early presidential contests reflect the most exciting political developments in our country in several generations. Voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and other states have turned out in record numbers for their favorite presidential candidates. And in those states, ...

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Swift action needed on property tax crisis (access required)

Arizona is in the midst of a giant property-tax crisis, and it needs to act immediately if it is to avoid a California-style Prop. 13 revolt.The Arizona Legislature and Governor Janet Napolitano started sensing the problem two years ago when ...

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Flushing away the budget deficit (access required)

With Arizona’s budget deficit approaching $1 billion, policy-makers are looking for relief from Arizona’s fiscal woes. Wouldn’t it be nice if lawmakers could just flush fiscal problems away?Turns out, technology exists that might let them do just that, at least ...

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Ankle injury led to some missed votes (access required)

Your Jan. 11 edition contained a listing of votes that were missed by all 90 members of the Legislature during 2007 (Members vote: How many did they miss).You note that Sen. Albert Hale missed nearly a month because of a ...

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Governor missed point with abstinence funding (access required)

“Money isn’t everything,” but it is a good indicator of a person’s priorities. This is especially the case when money is tight. Unfortunately, Arizona’s fiscal woes are revealing Gov. Janet Napolitano’s true priorities. And they have a lot more in ...

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