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Ballot Measures

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Prop 204 fails (access required)

Prop 204 fails <span class="dmcss_key_icon"><img alt="(access required)" src="/files/2013/12/lock1.png" border=0/></span>

Backers of an initiative to permanently keep a 1-cent tax increase spent more than $2 million but failed to convince the public to support the proposal. The measure, officially known as Proposition 204, received only about 35 percent of the votes, the Secretary of State’s Office count showed.

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School officials: Major cuts coming if Prop 204 fails

School officials: Major cuts coming if Prop 204 fails

Supporters of the initiative to make permanent a temporary one-cent sales tax increase claimed today that its failure at the ballot in November would have dire repercussions, including the closure of schools, teacher layoffs and increases in class sizes. They also pushed back against opponents’ assertion that revenues from the tax won’t reach the classroom.

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