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Behind the lens: How photo enforcement really works

In 1880, two brothers discovered that an electrical current could be produced by applying pressure to some crystals. Maybe Pierre and Jacques Curie thought their discovery would lead to the light switch. But a modern-day speed trap was probably far from their minds.

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GITA director uses hands-on approach to streamline state’s infrastructure

Chad Kirkpatrick's office, located on the top floor of the Arizona Department of Administration's building, has a near-perfect view of the Copper Dome. He also has a clear view of his goal: to make government more cost- effective, efficient and more responsive to its citizens by using technology to streamline basic operations.

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State Barred? Lack of court wins doesn’t deter Mesa man’s quest

The lawyer discipline program of the State Bar of Arizona often proves the last resort for people who believe that they have been wronged either by the actions of their own attorneys or by opposing counsel. Every year the State Bar receives more than 4,000 complaints against its member attorneys, with the majority of the allegations dismissed without referral for further investigation after review by Bar counsel.

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