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Championing fundraising on Capitol Hill (access required)

Most governmental issues related to fundraising and charities are at the federal level.The Association of Fundraising Professionals monitors what goes on in the nation’s capital, protecting the best interests of fundraising whenever related laws and regulations are developed. Here are ...

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Copper mining pumping big bucks into AZ economy (access required)

Copper-Bearing Hills • The public can view Asarco’s Ray Mine off state Highway 177, northwest of Kearny. The state’s massive copper industry had an estimated total impact of $6.8 billion to Arizona’s economy in 2007, including $385 million in revenues ...

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Arizona's copper economy (access required)

Where Copper is King • Solvent-extraction tanks of the BHP Billiton SX-EW facility sit below the hilltops of Miami, Ariz. The main driver behind the price increase for metals is increasing demand in emerging economies in the world. Even as ...

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AZ pro-bono attorneys honored (access required)

For the past 30 years, the non-profit arm of the State Bar of Arizona has been increasing access to justice for all Arizonans. The Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education, a 501(c)3 organization, goes about its mission through providing ...

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75th Annual State Bar Convention Award Winners (access required)

The following awards were meant to honor those who have made an outstanding contribution to the state's legal system and will be presented at the 75th Annual State Bar Convention: John (‘Bill’) DickinsonCareer Achievement Award — Public LawyerThe Public Lawyer ...

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The new lie detector? (access required)

A form of Magnetic Resonance Imaging called the "functional MRI," or fMRI, is being marketed to lawyers and judges as the real deal in lie detection.Unlike a polygraph, the fMRI looks directly at brain functioning, not secondary effects associated with ...

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Expunged records a thing of the past? (access required)

Arizona National Guard troops fed women and children In dozens of states across the country, individuals convicted of certain crimes can ask to have their criminal records wiped clean. By having their records expunged, they effectively get a new lease ...

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