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Arizona fighting the federal government over states’ rights (access required)

It's not just about immigration. Arizona Republicans have been itching for a fight with the feds over everything from gun regulations to light bulb manufacturing. By passing laws intended to put new limits on federal authority, the Legislature is likely to get exactly what it wanted - a no-holds-barred brawl over states' rights.

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Last-minute changes to S1070 broaden enforcement power

While supporters of Arizona’s immigration law have said repeatedly that it will allow police officers to check the immigration status of people during the enforcement of other crimes, the law actually gives police much broader enforcement power, according to legal experts and representatives of the law enforcement community.

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Arizona immigration law spurs boycott calls

Civil rights leaders are urging organizations to cancel their conventions in Arizona. Baseball's Arizona Diamondbacks are encountering protesters on the road. And the AriZona iced tea company wants everyone to know that its drinks are made in New York.

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