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Let’s end barriers to federally regulated cannabis research

medical marijuana

In November 2010, the citizens of Arizona passed Proposition 203, thereby establishing a medical marijuana program. Despite many delays, Arizona is now in the process of awarding licenses to nearly 100 new dispensary operators. Yet as patients eagerly anticipate regulated cannabis, they find themselves in the crosshairs of a political battle they should not have to fight.

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Backed by state Constitution, Medicaid expansion makes sense

John Fisher (Submitted photo)

In this weekend’s Medicaid coverage, the governor made the point that her decision to move forward with Medicaid expansion was a combination of common sense and gut. She knew when making this tough call that the math did not work in Arizona’s favor to try to go it alone on funding a program that has, for decades, been a mix of state and federal funds.

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Democrats will take the lead on issues voters care about

May 16 was an eventful day at the state Capitol. It was one of those rare occasions when some members of the state Legislature put aside petty bickering, ideological pandering and self-aggrandizement to simply do what was right for Arizona by passing Medicaid restoration in the state Senate.

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