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Clean energy production would repower the West

With the economy crumbling, investments in clean energy can provide the structure and jobs we need to repower Arizona, the West and America.In our otherwise gloomy economy, solar, wind and other clean-energy industries have been creating jobs through generating more ...

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Vouchers don’t equal school choice for disadvantaged

Pro-voucher groups, including Arizona’s Goldwater Institute, have labeled the choice by Barack and Michelle Obama to send their children to private school hypocritical. They seem to suggest that the Obamas’ choice would be more acceptable if the soon-to-be First Parents ...

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100 ways to legislate without Santa

There’s plenty of talk in the national media about state and local governments dreaming up long Christmas lists to try and make a grab for their share of federal stimulus spending. But Arizona is on the verge of a deficit ...

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It’s time to look at the way we vote

More than 112,000 voters in Maricopa County were forced to cast provisional ballots on Election Day. That is 16 percent of those who went to the polls, well more than the margin of victory for several races and ballot measures. ...

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Economic prosperity through transportation

Arizonans are running on empty, and they’re not alone. People all across the country are suffering because their transportation system — the backbone of our economy for decades — is broken. Our overdependence on oil and neglect of our roads ...

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Prop. 102 intrudes on individual rights

I am not gay. I represent the organization Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, better known as PFLAG Phoenix. Some readers may be shocked to read that an organization exists solely to provide support, education and advocacy for ...

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Prop. 101 could hamstring future health care reform

The Arizona Academy of Family Physicians (AzAFP) opposes Proposition 101, the Medical Choice for Arizona initiative. Family physicians are on the front line of medical care. We see daily the effects of arbitrary decisions by health insurance companies, and we ...

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Health care initiative protects choices

Many proposals swirling around Arizona and the rest of the country would increase government’s role in health care. Their common denominator: reduced individual choice and control over medical decisions.Proposition 101, the Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act, would preserve ...

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