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Deregulation can help solve education budget crisis (access required)

All over the state parents and students are rallying against proposed budget cuts to Arizona’s public colleges and universities. Instead of focusing ire at legislators, who are literally between a rock and a hard place, there’s another avenue these newly-minted ...

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Enough is enough (access required)

Local and national news outlets are reporting on a U.S. District Court jury trial that involves a rancher being sued for detaining illegal immigrants as they crossed his ranch.It is unfortunate that southeast Arizona rancher Roger Barnett felt compelled to ...

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Roadmap to a sound 21st century education policy (access required)

The work of leaders has just begun to improve Arizona’s educational system. Momentum is in our favor, despite the temporary financial crisis. To assure the future of our children, we must continue to develop and implement progressive, 21st century-ready education ...

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Meet-and-confer needed amid budget crisis (access required)

Initially, there was dismay when first we heard of the concerns raised to incoming Gov. Jan Brewer by House Speaker Kirk Adams and Senate President Bob Burns regarding the executive order issued by then-Gov. Janet Napolitano authorizing meet-and-confer procedures for ...

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Arizona has budget choices in 2009 (access required)

Arizona’s new governor and Legislature will face state revenues that lag far behind current expenditures. Some legislators and interest groups claim that spending cuts are the only way to balance the budget. This is not true. Arizona does have budget ...

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Slash-and-burn approach would undermine state (access required)

For too long, education has been relegated to a budget line-item, haggled over like the price of coffee in India. Investment in education must be viewed as an investment in Arizona’s future economy. And while we face an unprecedented budget ...

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Photo enforcement lacks credibility (access required)

Since 1927, AAA Arizona has been a leading advocate for efforts to increase traffic safety for motorists, passengers and pedestrians, alike. We have worked tirelessly in our efforts to establish and maintain a delicate balance between supporting traffic safety systems ...

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