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Sometimes it’s better to be lucky… (access required)

Attorney Francis J. Heney Born in Lima, New York, in 1859, Francis J. Heney grew up in San Francisco where his family relocated in 1863. He worked in his father’s furniture and carpet store while attending high school at night ...

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The world’s first citizen (access required)

Teddy Roosevelt traveling north on Center Street (today’s Central Avenue), saluting the throngs of citizens whom had come to welcome him to Phoenix. On the morning of March 18, 1911, the Arizona Republican published a four-column portrait of President Theodore ...

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Tucson’s ‘Nymphs de Pave’ (access required)

Peering into Tucson’s red light district, shaped like a thin piece of pie between Congress Street and Maiden Lane at the turn of the century. “The Star has, time and again, complained about the open and disgusting prostitution which is ...

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Who needs good roads? (access required)

In the 21st century, it does not seem unusual that there is an independent state transportation board that is responsible for establishing, scheduling and maintaining a complete system of highways throughout the state of Arizona. However, in 1920, there was ...

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For Sale — This Place — And Cow (access required)

This 1937 photo, snapped during the Great Depression, shows how the dire economic conditions of the time forced people to sell whatever they could to get by. When the Great Depression rolled across Arizona during the 1930s, it did not ...

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Intractable Mayor Hoff (access required)

One-term Tucson Mayor Hoff’s residence in 1937. For reasons known only to the photographer, the rear of the Hoff House was chosen as the subject of this 1937 photograph. Located on West Franklin Avenue in Tucson, the house serves as ...

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Fairbank Commercial Company (access required)

Fairbank Commercial Company, 1937. The Fairbank Commercial Company was a 19th century emporium that thrived as long as the town thrived. When Fairbank’s palmy days were over, the store enjoyed a second life — as evidenced by this 1937 photo ...

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Tombstone: The Grand Canyon of the South (access required)

Looking down Tombstone’s Freemont Street in 1937. These long vacant and much neglected relics of the 1880s tell a story of lost affluence and abandonment. This is Tombstone’s Freemont Street photographed in 1937, when Arizona was held in the grip ...

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The First Maricopa County Courthouse (access required)

Statehood Day festivities in front of the first Maricopa County courthouse on Feb. 14, 1912. The first Maricopa County courthouse was the tallest building in Phoenix when it was completed in 1884. At that time, it was only the fourth ...

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Paradise (access required)

In about six years’ time, the population of Paradise swelled when gold was struck, and shrank back down when it was gone, leaving little more than the ghost town pictured here. In 1940, the year this photograph was taken, an ...

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