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Half Town, Half Village (access required)

Flocks of Angora goats grazed for free on public domain land, helping to make goat and sheep raising a profitable enterprise in the early 1900s. Prior to statehood, sheep herding was a vital part of the early Arizona economy. In ...

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McKinley and Congress (access required)

President William McKinley at Congress in 1901. At first glance, the portly gentleman with hands clasped behind his back might be taken for an aging schoolmaster scolding errant children at recess. But he was not an educator and the youngsters ...

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From Maley to Willcox (access required)

Looking down Railroad Avenue in Willcox in the 1940s. It is said that when cattlemen first arrived in the Sulphur Springs Valley — “Sufferin’ Springs” to local wags — in the 1870s, the lush grasses were hip high. It was ...

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Stuck in Traffic – 1920 Style (access required)

The “huge” amount of traffic in Downtown Phoenix in 1920. By 1920, Phoenix was booming. The 1919 census reported a population of 29,053. The chamber of commerce happily reported that Phoenix had gained 500 people each year for the past ...

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The Fort Valley Experimental Forest (access required)

Two photos show an area of ponderosa pine near the Fort Valley Experimental Forest Station. The top image was taken in 1909. The bottom image was taken in 1938, and shows the growth of many new ponderosa pine seedlings. The ...

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The Civil War: Way Out West (access required)

Originally commissioned by the self-styled father of Arizona Charles D. Poston to get more investments in his mining company, this sketch shows Picacho Peak circa 1865, just as the Union and Confederate soldiers involved in the conflict there would have ...

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The Forgotten Novelist (access required)

Harold Bell Wright at his portable writing desk in Tucson’s Santa Catalina Mountains. Harold Bell Wright is not a name that trips lightly from contemporary tongues. Yet, there was a time when this prolific novelist was among the nation’s best ...

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The Short-Lived Papago Saguaro National Monument (access required)

Papago Park, known as Papago Saguaro National Monument from 1914-1930, features many interesting plants and geologic formations, such as Hole-in-the-Rock, pictured here. Shortly after statehood in 1912, the Phoenix and Maricopa County Board of Trade began an effort to have ...

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