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2007 Session Calendar (access required)

Legislative leaders have adopted a schedule that is designed to end the 2007 session in late April or early May. Deadlines for committee consideration of bills and for final adjournment are set by House and Senate rules and can be ...

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Bill Summaries— HOUSE H 2025-2159 (access required)

H 2025 RETIREMENT; ASRS; LEVEL INCOME ALTERNATIVE The permitted time limit within which a member of the ASRS who retires before age 62 and who has elected the level income alternative must rescind the election is changed to 5 months ...

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Bill Summaries — HOUSE H 2160-2245 (access required)

H 2160 WELFARE; CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE; RATES The Department of Economic Security must conduct a market survey for childcare assistance payment rates every two years. Payment to licensed and certified providers cannot exceed 100% of the rate established in the ...

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Bill Summaries — HOUSE H 2246-2319 (access required)

H 2246 INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION; APPEALS; RECORD New requirement for the Industrial Commission’s appeals board to use a court reporter or electronic device to record proceedings at the Department’s expense. Transcriptions are also ordered for these plaintiffs requesting review by the ...

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