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House evacuated after bomb scare (access required)

The Arizona House of Representatives was evacuated shortly after noon Jan. 24 and a police bomb squad was called to the building after a lawmaker who had recently been threatened over legislation she was sponsoring received a suspicious package. After ...

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Bill Summaries — HOUSE H 2160-2245 (access required)

H 2160 WELFARE; CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE; RATES The Department of Economic Security must conduct a market survey for childcare assistance payment rates every two years. Payment to licensed and certified providers cannot exceed 100% of the rate established in the ...

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Bill Summaries — HOUSE H 2246-2319 (access required)

H 2246 INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION; APPEALS; RECORD New requirement for the Industrial Commission’s appeals board to use a court reporter or electronic device to record proceedings at the Department’s expense. Transcriptions are also ordered for these plaintiffs requesting review by the ...

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Bill Summaries — HOUSE H 2320-2392 (access required)

H 2320 LOAN ORIGINATORS; LICENSURE Beginning January 1, 2009, loan originators must be licensed by the Department of Financial Institutions. To qualify for licensure, a person must complete a class, pass a loan originator examination and pay a fee determined ...

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Bill Summaries — HOUSE H 2393-2479 (access required)

H 2393 SPECIAL EDUCATION; SURROGATE PARENTS The Department of Education, instead of the court, appoints surrogate parents to represent a child in decisions about special education. Foster parents meeting federal criteria are considered parents for special education purposes. First Sponsor: ...

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Bill Summaries — HOUSE H 2480-2577 (access required)

H 2480 PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTION; CHARTER SCHOOLS Property and building leased to a charter school is exempt from property tax if the school is organized as a 501(c)(3) corporation and is registered with the state as a charter school. First ...

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