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Minnesota could lose $142.5 million (access required)

The $142.5 million dollar hit in Highway Trust Fund dollars for fiscal 2009 represents a bloodletting that could result in the loss of nearly 5,000 construction jobs.It’s even worse than that.Look at it this way: A November 2005 Minnesota Department ...

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Johnson seeks another probe of 9-11 attacks (access required)

Karen Johnson is no stranger to conspiracy theories.The Republican state Senator from Mesa has contended over the years that fluoride, for example, should be removed from water supply because it poisions the human body, and that the U.S. is working ...

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Ahead – road troubles for Wisconsin (access required)

If the federal Highway Trust Fund follows projections and partially dries up at the end of the year, it will mean trouble for Wisconsin. "If you look at it, every road program in Wisconsin has a combination of state funds ...

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