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Speakers race over? Mesnard has 20 votes (access required)

It appears Mesnard has locked up the speakership, as 20 likely caucus members are publicly supporting him. To read more on this item plus all the stories in the Sept. 9 Yellow Sheet Report, go to www.yellowsheetreport.com (Yellow Sheet Subscription Required). To subscribe to ...

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Irony alert No. 1

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol is attacking the anti-marijuana campaign for a donation it received from a Chandler-based pharmaceutical company.

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You bet! It’s unbelievable!

The Biggs campaign declared Saturday morning that his stunning come-from-behind victory was the result of a grassroots effort leading up to Election Day to turn out supporters, and day-by-day ballot counts show that he did that.

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Conventional wisdom rules the night (access required)

Trump has upended the conventional wisdom about political campaigns, and yet in Arizona, the conventional wisdom reasserted itself in the most conventional of ways yesterday: in the main, the candidates who had the most money or the most financial support ...

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Checks for (almost) everyone (access required)

Ducey used his PAC, Arizona Leadership Fund, to spread a lot of love around among GOP candidates, primarily legislative Republicans who are either seeking re-election or are looking to switch chambers. To read more on this item plus all the ...

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Raking it in and dishing it out (access required)

The LD1 House primary between Campbell, Davis and Stringer is the most expensive race in the state. As of the latest campaign finance report, which covers activities through Aug. 18, Stringer has spent more than $117,000, the most of any ...

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