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It’s not so far off the mark after all

Last week, Arizona Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Glenn Hamer bitterly complained about the claim that, under S1516 (campaign finance amendments), the state is ceding its authority to regulate campaign spending to the feds. “This claim is so far off the mark as to make me wonder whether the media doesn’t understand campaign laws or whether it’s choosing just to ignore the facts,” Hamer wrote.

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Glennian logic

Arizona Chamber CEO and President Glenn Hamer vigorously defended S1516 (campaign finance amendments) against “wildly inaccurate” claims that he said are being perpetuated by the media. “We’re all entitled to our own opinions, but not to our own facts,” he wrote in a blog.

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And then there’s Gowan

To prohibit lobbyists from gaining undue influence over lawmakers’ actions, Arizona law prohibits them from contributing to sitting legislators’ campaigns while a legislative session is ongoing. But for some of the most powerful lawmakers heading into hotly contested races this ...

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The anatomy of an error

Data provided by the county confirms how badly the officials miscalculated preparations for this year’s presidential preference election. To read more on this item plus all the stories in the March 30 Yellow Sheet Report, go to www.yellowsheetreport.com (Yellow Sheet Subscription Required). To subscribe ...

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Not while Biggs is chief

Ducey wants to allow independents to participate in presidential primaries following last week’s election debacle. That will require changing the laws, and the idea is likely to run into a buzz saw in the Senate, where Biggs is decidedly opposed ...

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Long queues at today’s polls

The secretary of state’s office has been getting reports of long lines at polling places today. Lawyer Thomas Galvin, for example, described on Twitter one polling place as a “zoo.” Reagan is hoping that this means a high turnout, a result of the enthusiasm brought about by non-traditional candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

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