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No agreement on how to make a session special

Several sources say that a special session for education funding is likely to occur by the end of the calendar year, and perhaps as soon as next month. What would be debated in that session is less clear, as sources told our reporter that Ducey and Biggs are the driving forces behind that discussion and are still at odds over what lawmakers would consider.

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Senate President Lesko?

The career path for Lesko does not necessarily lead to the Corp Comm – at least not immediately, a Capitol railbird told our reporter yesterday. The source said there is a very short list of senators who can succeed Biggs as Senate President, and Lesko sits atop it.

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Yes, you paid $250,000 for that

Biggs expressed some buyer’s remorse after reading an audit of Dept of Child Safety conducted by the Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago, which the Auditor General had picked for the job.

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