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Poll: Trump/Clinton within margin, McCain cruising

The latest poll of Arizona voters finds Trump with a narrow lead (within the margin of error) and McCain poised for a large victory. The survey released today by Insights West, a Canadian public opinion polling firm, shows Trump leading Clinton 37 percent to 33 percent among likely voters, with 19 percent undecided.

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Brian Nissen: You might know him as ‘Dwain,’ a lovable redneck (access required)

Cap Times Q&A

Brian Nissen is an affable guy with an easy smile. But the moment he puts on a ball cap and sports a mullet-style wig, he transforms into “Dwain,” an affable redneck with an easy smile. Perhaps it’s the way “Dwain” looks into your soul – half squinting, wearing that self-assured grin of a kind-hearted but completely offensive hillbilly – that makes him such a believable prophet of political incorrectness.

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CNN poll shows AZ is Trump territory

Trump is leading in Arizona by five points among registered voters, a CNN/ORC poll published today shows. Trump was favored by 43 percent of respondents, with Clinton at 38 percent and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson at 12 percent.

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