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Brian Nissen: You might know him as ‘Dwain,’ a lovable redneck (access required)

Cap Times Q&A

Brian Nissen is an affable guy with an easy smile. But the moment he puts on a ball cap and sports a mullet-style wig, he transforms into “Dwain,” an affable redneck with an easy smile. Perhaps it’s the way “Dwain” looks into your soul – half squinting, wearing that self-assured grin of a kind-hearted but completely offensive hillbilly – that makes him such a believable prophet of political incorrectness.

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Native Americans still fight for voting equality

Mural of a Native American on the side of a trading post that sold goods from tribes on the Navajo Nation near Gallup, New Mexico. (Mike Lakusiak/News21)

Despite gaining the rights to citizenship and voting in 1924 from the federal government, Native Americans in some states could not vote until 1962. Those who live on reservations have consistently dealt with distances and language barriers when it comes to voting. But experts who have studied Native American voting rights said recent changes to legal requirements and provisions for voting have exacerbated those problems.

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CNN poll shows AZ is Trump territory

Trump is leading in Arizona by five points among registered voters, a CNN/ORC poll published today shows. Trump was favored by 43 percent of respondents, with Clinton at 38 percent and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson at 12 percent.

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