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Cara Nicole Trujillo: ‘Arizona Powergirl’ runs for the Legislature (access required)

Cap Times Q&A

Cara Nicole Trujillo might be a new face on the Arizona political scene, but in the comic book world, she’s a legend. With more than 37,000 fans on Facebook, the “Arizona Powergirl” cosplayer (a contraction of costume player who wears costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character) just declared her candidacy to run for Tempe’s Legislative District 26 seat.

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Brewer’s signing of election bill creates major hurdle for third parties (access required)

Barry Hess, the Libertarian standard bearer, will have to fend off challenges from three other Libertarian candidates to win the party’s nomination for governor this year. Hess ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2002 and 2006, and this year he’s one of 22 Libertarians seeking office in Arizona.

Third-party candidates may become a rare breed in Arizona.

HB2305, an omnibus elections bill, dramatically raises the number of signatures that Green Party, Libertarian and other third-party candidates will need to qualify for the ballot. Whereas signature requirements have historically been based on the number of registered votes a party has, the bill equalizes the requirements for all parties.

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