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The positive calm before the negative storm

There is no shortage of material the Republican CD5 candidates could use as the basis for attacks on each other, but the race has so far been genteel, largely devoid of name-calling and mudslinging that are often hallmarks of hotly contested primaries.

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David, meet your Facebook friends

Several politicos directed our reporter to Gowan’s campaign Facebook, where the speaker recently promoted the launching of his new campaign website. The post is innocuous enough, noting that readers can “click here to learn more about the campaign and get involved.” But the reaction to the post has been stunningly bad.

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Why Dems are optimistic in 2016

As noted previously, many Republican pundits and party officials in Arizona have pooh-poohed or downplayed the possibility of the state turning blue this November, despite persistent speculation at the national level that the state is in play.

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