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Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2010’

  • Bipartisanship a thing of the past in Arizona Senate

    The bipartisanship that was displayed when Senate Republicans and Democrats cooperated to pass the sales tax referral last month appears to have flickered out since then.

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  • Supreme Court could be forced to weigh in on employer sanctions

    It’s looking more and more likely that the U.S. Supreme Court will have to weigh in on the matter of employer sanctions. Although there has been a school of thought in the couple of years since the law went on the books here that the High Court wouldn’t necessarily want to weigh in on the matter, it may be compelled to.

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  • Waring leads, but many undecideds in CD3

    A recent poll that showed Jim Waring was leading the pack of contenders in Arizona Congressional District 3, but only 28 percent of those surveyed had decided who they plan to vote for.

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  • House bill deadline passes; 1,230 bills this year

    The deadline for new legislation has come and gone, as the bill hopper in the House of Representatives closed at 5 p.m. Feb. 8, a week after senators had last call for new bills.

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  • Goddard unsure how he’ll vote on tax hike

    After 10 months of debate on the issue, Attorney General Terry Goddard, the presumptive Democratic nominee for the governor’s race, said he doesn’t know whether he’ll vote for the temporary one-cent sales tax increase that will go before voters on May 18.

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  • What are ‘rogue’ conservatives aiming for?

    While Sarah Palin’s latest political maneuvering has her headlining the National Tea Party Convention beginning today (Feb. 4) in Nashville, Tenn., the GOP establishment must be considering what John McCain’s former vice presidential candidate’s future plans really are.

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  • Brewer applauds Legislature on tax hike vote

    After 10 long months of urging the Legislature to put a temporary one-cent sales tax increase on the ballot, Gov. Jan Brewer finally got her wish. After the House approved a May 18 special election and a ballot measure on the proposed tax hike, Brewer …

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