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House bill deadline passes; 1,230 bills this year

House bill deadline passes; 1,230 bills this year

The deadline for new legislation has come and gone, as the bill hopper in the House of Representatives closed at 5 p.m. Feb. 8, a week after senators had last call for new bills.

The final day saw a flurry of bills, memorials and resolutions – 105 measures were introduced yesterday, including more than 60 that were dropped in the final minutes before the deadline.

Among those final bills are measures that are sure to advance and generate robust debate – Rep. John McComish’s H2376 aims to partially finance a new Spring Training stadium in Mesa for the Chicago Cubs – and those which are almost certainly fated to die a quiet death, like Rep. Ben Miranda’s bill to extend the state sales tax to soda and other soft drinks.

In all, lawmakers filed 1,230 bills and another 152 memorials and resolutions, for a grand total of 1,382 measures. That amounts to nearly 97 more bills and almost 150 total measures more than last year, but it’s still a far cry from recent years in which legislators filed more than 1,300 bills.

-By Jim Small

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