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What do you think: Will J.D.’s gamble pay off?

What do you think: Will J.D.’s gamble pay off?

Sure, Congress historically swings away from a first-term president’s party during the off-year election. But former U.S. House Member J.D. Hayworth is betting on such a dramatic swing of the pendulum that he will be able to topple fellow Republican Sen. John McCain.

Though McCain’s campaign funds dwarf any Republican rival, Hayworth thinks his conservative message will deliver.

The Arizona Capitol Times will sit down with Hayworth later this week to get his perspective on running against one of the most well-known Republicans in the U.S. But we’re also going to have him answer your questions.

Send an e-mail to, comment below or tweet us with your questions for J.D. Haworth. We’ll select some of them for our interview.

Keep an ear perked. We’ll have more information later this week.

-By Evan Wyloge

  1. Everett Roberts
    Everett Roberts05-19-2010

    J.D. – you were a big spender in congress,

    1. Have you learned your lesson??

    The ONLY reason I like McCain is because he wanted to get rid of pork barrel spending.

    2. Will you work to rid the Senate of pork barrel?

    Everett Roberts

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