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Brewer inches up in polls, Dean slides, many still undecided

Brewer inches up in polls, Dean slides, many still undecided

Rasmussen’s latest poll shows some upward movement for Gov. Jan Brewer in the four-way race for the GOP primary nomination, with State Treasurer Dean Martin sliding down.

According to their numbers, Brewer has edged up a bit, with 26 percent of likely voters saying they will support her. That’s up from about 20 percent support when Rasmussen conducted a comparable poll in March. In a similar poll by Rasmussen in January, she had 29 percent support from likely voters.

Arizona businessman and political newcomer Buz Mills, who had not officially joined the race before the first Rasmussen poll was released in January, shows 18 percent support. He had 19 percent support in the March poll.

Former Republican Party Chairman John Munger has 14 percent support, compared to 10 percent in the March poll and 7 percent in the January poll.

Martin had led the race in January with 31 percent of likely voter support, according to Rasmussen, which is the only pollster to track the GOP primary race numbers so far. Martin’s numbers, though, have dropped significantly since then; he had 21 percent in the March poll, and the most recent poll showed him at 12 percent.

While the latest numbers indicate steady upward movement for Brewer, and a similarly consistent decline for Martin, 24 percent of those polled said they still hadn’t made a decision about who to support.

  1. ScottD

    Gov Brewer will likely win the primary if she signs SB1070, otherwise, most voters in thew primary will switch from Brewer. SB1070 activists are mostly out of state agitators and far left wing extremists. Gov. Brewer needs to show her base that she is willing to show courage and sign the immigration bill.

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